Last year I discovered my 4 years old daughter has lots of tiny flakes on her scalp and immediately changed her to a mild baby shampoo. That didn’t work either, and her hair was observed to be thinning (hair loss) which is rare in young kids. I brought her to see a doctor and confirmed she has seborrhoeic scalp. She recommended me a medicated treatment xxxxxx shampoo. And again it failed. I found it was too strong for a 4 yrs old kid. Coincidentally, one day, my friend recommended me to try out Vanicream free n clear medicated anti-dandruff shampoo. She told me those products are kids friendly.

After using it for a period of 2 months, we see the improvement, in which she asked me to switch to Free n clear normal shampoo since it was in controlled. Today, she is 5yrs old. Her scalp is healthy and so much in control where I need not worry of it anymore.

Chin Shin Shin

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  1. Sarah Skadiang


    I’ve been using Vanicream for years. It’s great for my family because we love doing outdoor sports. Also good for eczema moisturizing.

  2. Nurfaizzah Mohd Zalkanil


    My favourite cleanser. It moisturize and prevent the acne on my skin whoever has stubborn acne problems can try this product really recommended.

  3. Fizahfizul Naufalmikael


    Before this I had dry skin problems, smooth pimples and itches on the face… I tried all sorts of products but still experienced the same problem.. now I am using Vanicream products that are recommended by friends.. after using cleanser and cream, my skin is my skin It’s not dry anymore, smooth pimples disappear and itchiness on the face no more.

  4. Emy Ry


    We have a baby with a sensitive skin issue since birth. When she turn 3 month old we realize that it become worst and tried a lot of product. Seriously a lot. Cant imagine how worried we are as parent till we found Vanicream.

    Seriously recommended for those who have sensitive skin and eczema.

    Thanks Vanicream

  5. Alvin GodSpeed


    We were forever looking for a moisturiser that would suit our son’s skin which was proned to eczema even as a baby. My dermatologist recommended us Vanicream and we have never looked back ever since.

    The lite lotion, in particular is very suited to our tropical weather. My son’s skin has never looked or felt better! It does not sting and it leaves no greasy residue. No one wants to hold a sticky baby or toddler and parents want something which is pleasant to apply.

    Thank you, Vanicream, for making products that work!

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