About Us

Medcin Pharma Sdn Bhd is the sole importer and distributor for Vanicream since 2007.

We are a family-owned business established in 2003.

Today, we have expanded our strategic portfolio to include

  • Neuro intervention radiology,
  • Spinal intervention radiology and
  • Clinical grade skincare.

We are proud to be representing Vanicream who has become a trusted brand in Malaysia. Each year, they keep innovating new products to help improve the lives of people with sensitive skin.

Pharmaceutical Specialities INC (PSI) based in Minnestota, USA is the principal company of VANICREAM. PSI develop, manufacture and package specialty skin care products according to high quality standards in a current Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility. They are regularly inspected by the FDA and licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

PSI's Story

From the founders Conrad Thompson and Ed Mansfield (2010)

In 1974 we were both pharmacists working in a local hospital. Neither of us had any thoughts of starting a manufacturing company. However, at that time we worked closely with dermatologists and understood the needs of their patients. Because of our extensive experience formulating products, it was suggested by several dermatologists that we start a company to make better products than were commercially available for people with sensitive skin. We investigated this idea and formed Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (PSI) in 1975.

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Free Of Common Irritants

Our products are free of common chemical irritants found in ordinary skin care products such as dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde releasers.